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Run Coaching

1:1 Run Coaching

Do you...

  • need help knowing and learning when it is okay to push your body and when you need to hold back?

  • want guidance on race day and days leading up to “the big day” to conquer the mental and physical obstacles that race day brings?

  • want to add in different types of runs but you don’t know where to begin because up to this point you have run all of your runs at the same pace with no real strategy?

  • live a busy life and you need the accountability and knowledge to take you training to the next level without burning yourself out?

 If you said YES to any of those, we're here to help! 

It’s time for you to tap into your MAX POTENTIAL as an athlete

We create a personalized run plan for each athlete looking at their goals, experience, and the person as a whole. Using an easily accessible online app to access all of your workouts, unlimited contact for support from your coach, and weekly athlete emails with all of the most up-to-date running tips, tricks, and more.

Package Options

We offer a few different packages:

1:1 Run Coaching

For the athlete who is ready to tap in to their max potential with our 1:1 all access coaching package. With this package you get access to:

  • VDOT (app for run/workout scheduling) updated weekly

  • Weekly athlete emails

  • Unlimited contact via text message 

  • Monthly 1:1 check-in calls

  • 1:1 pre-race strategy calls

  • Quarterly Team Happy Hours to get to know your teammates

  • Athlete getting started guide that covers everything you need to make running SIMPLE

  • Team group chat

  • 3 strength sessions per week

Curious if  1:1 coaching is a good fit for you? Let's chat!


For the athlete who is looking to add strength in to their programming but isn't sure where to start.

Our strength only package is made specific for runners and includes:

  • 2 full body, 1 lower body, 1 upper body and 1 core session per week

  • Access to Trainerize where workouts are uploaded on a monthly basis, with video demonstrations and the ability to log weight/reps in order to track your progress 


For more information on the various templates we offer, 


For the athlete who is craving COMMUNITY for accountability, support & connection and who is looking for structure in their running but doesn't quite feel ready for our high level 1:1 support, yet  (5k, 10k, half + full- both beginner + intermediate options). Purchase the template that fits your training and then receive:

  • access to our Strides for Strength community group chat

  • Quarterly Team Happy Hours to get to know your teammates 

  •  (1) 20 minute zoom call/month with Coach Erin and Michaela 



I have learned so much in the short time I’ve worked with Erin. I ran my first half in 2006, another in 2011, and I’m not sure how I did it without her knowledge and coaching. Her support is so helpful when I’m down about something and it feels so good to have a hype woman in my corner no matter what!

- Rebecca B.

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